“Jesus, I never have to say that I wish you were here. The vastness of your presence is so evident; I can feel you in the sweet kiss of the breeze as I walk down the street saying hello to your children. I can feel it in the drop of my tears when I am ready to give up. I see it in the lift of hands in the midst of deep praises and the sound of many voices joined to sing you praise. Daily walking with you is just a small taste of heaven on earth knowing that one day walking with you will consist of all of the sweetest moments combined and made even sweeter in your heavenly gates!”

The other day, I picked up a postcard that said, “I wish you were here.” Such a typical phrase that I would gladly say to so many of my loved one’s back at home; but when I began to write on the card with no particular individual in mind, these are the words that trickled out. The presence of the Lord has become more real to me in this season than ever before. I can think of countless times were the Lord has been so evident in my life, but it has been in this season where I am getting used to the new normal and processing through some hard stuff that I have felt His presence like never before.

It has been in the most random moments that I have experienced His grace in abundance as He allows me to process through what He is doing in this season. Regardless if it is walking down a street and experiencing His love through the people that I pass or recognizing the way that He ministers to my heart as I read my Bible in a coffee shop or even in the way that He meets me in the midst of working on language when I feel as though I am not retaining anything. It is in the abundance of small moments that I am overwhelmed by His presence like never before and I recognize that even when I cannot see it His reasons for positioning me in this location, at this time, and with this team, is far beyond anything that I could ever explain. His plans are truly extravagant and I have fallen in love with simply allowing Him to be my vision when I do not understand why something is happening or why I am at a particular place. I am content with saying that Jesus is enough and extremely worthy of the small “yes” that I muster as I seek after His will in each season. I pray that He meets you in the midst of the season that you are walking through right now and that you recognize the loving kindness of His character as you step into each moment knowing that He has already and is (even now) embracing this moment fully with you and that in each moment you are content to see Him as enough to be what propels you forward when you do not understand the why.